District 1 Newsletter

District 1 and Community Events

The City of San Jose and the District 1 Office have a history of important city and community events that seek to inspire and provide opportunities for residents to learn or volunteer. Over my tenure in office I’ve started a number of events that I believe are a real benefit to the community, and that [...]

Improving the Homeowners Permitting Experience

It is essential in my mind that in the day-to-day operation of the City that two concepts are always top of mind. First, that residents are valued customers of the services that the City provides and should be treated accordingly and second, that as a city we need to continuously review and adjust our processes [...]

Our Parks in District 1

District 1 is home to a range of parks yet we remain dramatically lacking in open space where the community and neighborhoods can gather, escape or just play. There are presently 11 parks throughout the entire district comprising just 81.9 acres. More importantly, many of our neighborhoods simply don’t have a local park that’s close [...]

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